Featured Boarding Catteries

Crofton Cattery

Luxury Cattery in Braiswick, Essex

Oaklands Country Cat Hotel

Luxury Cattery in Essex

Top Cat Hotel

Luxury Cattery in Bath

Hilltops Cattery

Cattery in Herne Bay, Kent

Cats on the Green

Cattery in Southampton

Apple Blossom Cattery

Luxury Cattery in Pontyclun, Wales

Polstain Farm Cattery

Luxury Cattery near Truro, Cornwall

Clyde Valley Cat Hotel

Luxury Cat Hotel in the Clyde Valley

Woodside Luxury Cattery

Luxury Cattery in Gloucestershire

Cloud Ten Cat Hotel

Luxury Cat Hotel in Oxfordshire

Cats Eye Cattery

Luxury Cattery in Edinburgh

The Caring Cattery

The Caring Cattery

Luxury Cattery in Bristol

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  • Heathrow Airport Animal Reception – Quarantine & Passport Pets.
    Short-term boarding for animals awaiting entry to the UK & short term housing for animals in transit between international destinations.
  • Corporation of London – Animal Reception Centre