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Catio Secure Run

Catio Secure Run

Give your cats somewhere to roam outside the house

With our Secure Catio Run they will have access to the outdoors, whilst being safe and secure.

Peace of mind for you and enjoyment for your cat.

Safe and Secure


Made to Measure

Easy to Install

Various Sizes

Colour Options

Catio Secure Run
PawSafe Mesh™
Secure Latch
Various Widths and Depths Available
Sympathetic Design for Homes
Colour Options Available (£POA)

Cat Run Specification

Our Catio Secure Runs are hygienic, safe and secure. Perfect for allowing your cats free access to outside without you having to worry about their safety.

All Catios are constructed using our unique PVCu bead system to accommodate the use of our very own PawSafe Mesh™ surround – already trusted by hundred’s of catteries for the past 25 years.

Easy to install DIY kit with instructions and telephone support.

As well as offering a standard range of sizes we also offer a design service and can build a Catio to meet your exact requirements.

Contact us today on 01684 299567 to see how we can help.

Easy to Assemble

Please call for latest pricing

Includes delivery and VAT

Pricing Table

0.9m x 0.9m

£ 1,995

Including delivery & VAT

0.9m x 1.8m

£ 2,995

Including delivery & VAT

1.8m x 2.7m

£ 3,795

Including delivery & VAT

Measuring Guide

Example sketch for a lean-to cat run

An example rough sketch to show measurements and location for a Catio cat run. Click for a larger view.

To get an accurate quote please sketch out the area you want to install the cat run with all dimensions in mm. Be sure to include details of the materials you will be fixing to and clearly show any objects that could obstruct the installation of the cat run; drain pipes, cables, security lights for example. Take photos of the area; face-on and side angles if possible. See the image here for an example sketch.

For information on the sizes available and costs for your cat run please get in touch with us today and we will guide through the best options.

Size Information

  • Minimum Internal Width: 90cm
  • Minimum Internal Depth: 90cm
  • Maximum Width: none
  • Maximum Internal Depth: 2.7m
  • Maximum Height: 2.4m Max

As well as our standard range of sizes we can manufacture your Catio Secure Cat Run to whatever size you require.

For bespoke sizes, layouts and prices please contact us.

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