Dimensions and layout shown on our drawings are critical. Any amendments to dimensions, specifications or design must be in writing to Pedigree Pens Ltd at least five weeks before the installation date.

All drawings are copyright protected.

The price charged for drawings is fully refundable upon receipt of the customer’s confirmed order and deposit of 25% of the final price for the units installed.


Written Quotations

All quotations are valid for three months from the date shown on the quotation unless stated otherwise.



A deposit of 25% of the full amount is required with any confirmed order for kennels or cat chalets.

Payment for the balance of the units is due upon delivery of the units to site – installation charges may be withheld until the units are erected if required.

Smaller items (when ordered separately) such as heaters or aluminium ladders should be paid for in full in advance of despatch.

Cheques to be made payable to Pedigree Pens Ltd. We do not accept credit/debit cards. Bank transfer details are available by contacting us via telephone/email directly.


Concrete bases

All bases should be smooth and even and have a depth of at least 150mm (6in) and include a damp proof membrane.

For outdoor installations the base needs to have a fall of 1 : 80 (minimum) and should finish 75mm (3in) above ground level to assist dispersal of rainwater via the outer corridor drainage holes. Dimensions shown on the drawings must be adhered to.


Supply Only

Where chalets/kennels are supplied for customer installation i.e. not installed by Pedigree Pens Ltd the outstanding balance for the goods must be paid upon delivery.

Goods will not be left without full settlement. Pedigree Pens does not accept responsibility for quality issues arising as a result of installations made by anyone other than ourselves.


Pedigree Pens Ltd does not accept responsibility for damage or misuse of our buildings by the customer or other parties.


Delivery times

Whilst we normally achieve our target installation dates there may be some variance due to adverse weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances.