Cat Pens for Adoption Centres, Animal Rescue Charities & Cat Fostering

Pedigree Pens are proud to supply major UK animal charities with modern, hygienic cat pens. We supply everything from large scale adoption, isolation and maternity buildings down to single foster pens for charity volunteers.

If you are involved with an animal charity and want to know why Pedigree Pens PVCu housing is the most hygienic and safest option, then use the form below to contact us.

Cats Protection
Blue Cross
The Mayhew Animal Home
Wood Green

Rescue Centre Projects

Mayhew Kennels

Indoor Kennels at the Mayhew animal rescue centre, London

WADARS Animal Rescue Charity

Rescue Charity, West Sussex

Cats Protection Dereham Adoption Centre

Cat Rescue Pens in Norfolk

Chats Du Quercy

Chats Du Quercy

Chats Du Quercy, France

Charity & Rescue Project Directory

Blue Cross


Transit & Quarantine

  • AIRPETS – London
  • Heathrow Airport Animal Reception – Quarantine & Passport Pets
    Short-term boarding for animals awaiting entry to the UK & short term housing for animals in transit between international destinations.
  • Corporation of London – Animal Reception Centre

Cats Protection

Independent Animal Rescue

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