Top Cat Hotel

Luxury Cattery

Diana approached us as she wanted to replace her old timber cattery that had become too difficult to maintain and clean.


Solid Roof

15 Pens & 1 Room


Mar 2019

Top Cat Hotel

We were approached by Diana as she wanted to replace her old timber cattery which had become very difficult to keep clean and maintain. She wanted something that would be more hygienic, easier to clean and reduce the time she spent cleaning so she could spend more time with the cats.

We visited site to discuss options with Diana and advised on the best process for replacing her existing cattery. Everything was timed and coordinated to to ensure there was as little down time as possible between the old cattery coming down and our building being erected. We also advised on current boarding regulations and designed a building to ensure that Diana would have no problems when coming to sell her business (or the building).

The cattery is set in beautiful surroundings in Bath.

It features 10 Standard Family Pens, 5 Double Standard Pens and 1 Store Room. The cattery also benefits from our unique fully insulated solid roof.

You can contact Diana at Top Cat Hotel on (01225) 313099

We are so pleased we picked Pedigree Pens for our new cattery.
Having had wood in the past these UPVC make life so much easier for us to look after.
Everybody was so professional and helpful. Nothing was too much trouble.
Having ran my cattery for over 40 years, I know that if they had been around when I first started I would have definitely bought from them.

Diana DicksonOwner, Top Cat Hotel, Bath

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Top Cat Hotel
Old School House

01225 313099