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Michael and Helen's cattery business has gone from strength to strength since first opening it's doors in 2010 and has established itself as the best cattery in Edinburgh. The cattery still looks as good today as the day it was erected.


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Jan 2010

About Cats Eye Cattery

Cats Eye Cattery provide facilities suitable for indoor and outdoor cats, fully purpose built with your cat’s every comfort and safety in mind!

They offer peace of mind to their clients who appreciate that their cat/s are being cared for in a secure, clean and healthy environment by people who are passionate about cats!

They have many customers who have previously never used a cattery, even some with quite elderly cats!

Their unique webcam facility offers 24/7 access allowing customers to check in on loved ones whilst away – anywhere, any time!

We hope that you will be so delighted with the care provided at our cattery that you will bring your cat back to holiday with us over and over again.

We will give you absolute peace of mind that your cat is safe and happy and is being well cared for whilst you enjoy your holiday / time away from home!

Michael and Helen DicksonCats Eye Cattery

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