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Financing Your Cattery Build

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Raising the Finance to Start Your Cattery Business…

Starting a cattery can be a relatively expensive venture and raising money, for some, can seem like a daunting prospect. Luckily there is more help out there than you might think.

There are a number of options available for raising the finance to start your cattery business. Below are some options worth exploring:

Business Loans

There are many online resources for information on Business Loans. A simple Google search will yield some great results of sites to visit. If you need to discuss a loan in more detail you should arrange a visit to your bank or building society and speak to a business advisor.

Non-Traditional Lending Services

In addition to banks there are an increasing number of alternative lenders around and in March 2013 the government announced a £70 million boost to the finance available for lending to small to medium size businesses. Here is a list of just some of the alternative lenders around:


1) Market Invoice
3) Beechbrook Capital
4) Funding Circle
5) Zopa
6) BOOST&Co.
7) Credit Asset Management

Rural Grants and Funding

The government are keen to provide funding for rural development and as such many people in rural areas are eligible for funding. For more information on the funding available you should visit: Not everyone is eligible for funding but it is certainly worth investigating. It may be the difference between starting your cattery or not.


You may be eligible to Lease your cattery. Leasing provides a tax efficient way of purchasing your cattery. There is no capital outlay (apart from a 25% deposit) and you pay fixed costs over the term of the contract. For more information on leasing your cattery you should contact Tim Gammon at Lease UK on (01372) 466955. We have worked with Lease UK for over 20 years.

Be Careful with Your Money…


The cattery building will be the single largest capital outlay when starting your cattery business.

Once you have raised enough money to finance starting your cattery, careful consideration should be given to which company(s) you choose to undertake the build of the cattery. With this in mind, we actively encourage anyone thinking of starting a cattery to undertake a credit check on the company(s) you choose to build your cattery.

You will be paying a large amount of money (in some cases it may be your life savings) to the people that you choose to construct your cattery, so you will want to know that whoever you hand your money over to, is safe, trustworthy and reputable. Don’t just take theirs or our word for it, do a credit check.

A simple credit check can be done in minutes online, for free by using a company called DueDil.

To carry out a credit check and for more information please visit: 

Find us on Google+

Cattery Design Advice Book | Starting a Cattery

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Did you know ? Pedigree Pens Ltd. are featured in Cattery Design by Leading Kennel and Cattery Designer David Key.

Cattery Design

His book contains step-by-step cattery building guidance and advice on plans, construction, materials, equipment and all aspects of your design. This book is a complete reference guide and takes you through all the options you need to think about before building or updating your cattery.

It features advice from cat welfare experts, Dr. Irene Rochlitz and Nadine Gourkow. It also features fascinating case studies from successful boarding catteries, and world renowned charities such as Blue Cross, Cats Protection, Feline Advisory Bureau, RSPCA and Wood Green Animal Shelters.

This essential guide is an easy to read, encouraging and inspirational overview of cattery systems, equipment and materials. It contains step-by-step guidance for creating the perfect cattery with real life case studies. This book will help you understand how catteries can be improved with cat welfare knowledge.

It also contains some 400 large colour photographs, many of which are full or double-page spreads showing lots of detail.

From Amazon: “How many of us dream about changing our lives, starting our own business, working from home in a beautiful countryside location, spending more time with our beloved pets, and making a difference to the lives of cats and their owners? You probably already have a multi-cat household, but whether you have always dreamed about working with cats, have just realised that this is what you want to do with your life, are already lucky enough to be working with cats, or you are just interested in cat welfare (generally or professionally) – you will adore this inspirational book. If creating a cattery is what you dream of, then naturally you will want to provide the best accommodation and care, earn a good living, have fun and love what you do: providing a healthy, safe, loving environment for cats. Whether you are interested in what makes good housing for your own cats, boarding, rescue or breeding – the foundation should be good cat welfare.

As well as looking the part, your cattery must be easy to live in, visit and work with on a daily basis – and this book will provide you with the ideas, practical information, design advice and inspiration to help you create your perfect cattery.”

You can view an excerpt here: Cattery Design Excerpt

If you would like to purchase Cattery Design, you can do so by visiting our Amazon Store.


Saltburn Animal Rescue Association, Redcar

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Press Release

Press clipping is taken from the © Evening Gazette, Friday, April 27th, 2012.

Installation of the cattery construction for the Saltburn Animal Rescue Association was completed on the 20th April and is already attracting the attention of the press.

Purrfect for Moggies Like Me….(Click the image below to enlarge)

SARA Press Coverage























A note to tell you how delighted we are…


















For more information on the Saltburn Animal Rescue Association please visit their page on our site: 



Why Not Lease Your Cattery…

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Leasing is not a second rate alternative to paying by Cash!  It is often the very best way to acquire the up to date assets you need; a fact appreciated by some discerning buyers, to mention a few: –

A recent survey conducted for the UK Leasing Industry found that….

95% of The Times Top 100 Companies, and

85% of all Accountants, and

80% of Local Authorities inEngland&Wales

….regularly take advantage of the benefits of leasing, to acquire a wide range of assets.  This is no accident or coincidence.


  • No Capital Outlay

“Cash is King” it is said, a maxim fully recognised by the practise of leasing, which removes the need to tie up cash resources in a rapidly depreciating asset; freeing-up capital that may be better invested elsewhere in your business.  Leasing allows you to treat the acquisition of new equipment as revenue, rather than as a capital expense.

  • Increased Profitability

Each and every asset acquired for your business demands a payback.  By deferring the acquisition costs, leasing new equipment is an ideal way to accelerate the return on your investment.

  • Maximum Tax Allowances

Under a leasing agreement the total amount of all rentals payable can be fully offset against your Corporation Tax liability in each financial year.  This uniquely enables you to write off the full costs of acquiring new equipment over its expected working life (perhaps only 3 years for high tech. Equipment).

Compare this for Tax purposes to outright purchase, which only permits Writing Down Allowances on a Reducing Balance basis, and it will take 7 years to write off 90% of the same acquisition costs (even if you qualify for a 50% First Year Allowance under the Government’s current S.M.E Scheme)!

It may be for this single reason alone, that over a third of all capital equipment purchased in the UK is now leased.

  • Ease of Budgeting

Unlike some other forms of finance, where interest rates fluctuate, leasing rentals are fixed for the duration of the agreement.  This allows you to budget in complete confidence that costs will not escalate.

  • Another Line of Credit

Our leasing facilities are dedicated to the equipment concerned and no other form of security is normally required.  Our facilities are likely to be outside your existing borrowing capabilities and therefore represent a very useful additional source of finance.

  • Easy to Upgrade

The valuable working life of many assets can be hard to predict.  Given the pace of technology advancements, any finance arrangement must be flexible enough to accommodate these developments.  Our leasing companies therefore expect and anticipate the need to provide you with replacement or additional equipment and will gladly quote the rental for a new Agreement, which will automatically extinguish the liabilities under the existing arrangement.

Read more by clicking here or Contact Tim Gammon at Lease UK for more information.

Design and Planning Service

Do You Need Planning For Your Cattery ?

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Pedigree Pens Ltd. are not only cattery manufacturers but also offer a ‘made to measure’ design service to meet your exact requirements. We offer A4 or A3 plan drawings to scale and also offer elevations and 3D images. The cost of our plans include a Plan View, Four Elevations and a 3D Representation of your plans. The cost also includes consultation with our designer and a copy of the final plans in Adobe PDF format. A hard copy is available upon request.

Our Plans are Ideal For:

  • Submitting to planning
  • Visualising your plans
  • Realising what will work best for you
For more info click here

To purchase our plans please get in touch with us via our Contact us page or alternatively tel: (01684) 299567

Telscombe Cattery, East Sussex

How to Find and Choose a Good Boarding Cattery

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No-one likes to leave their cat, but sometimes this can’t be helped.

Print off & use our checklist to help you find the ideal cattery & you can rest, knowing that your cat will be safe & in good hands.

Click the link below to print off our checklist or “right-click” and the hit “Save target as…” to download

Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

A good cattery owner/staff will perfectly understand your concerns & should be happy to answer all your questions to your satisfaction.

How to find a good cattery

  • View boarding catteries with Pedigree Pens facilities
  • Ask friends, colleagues & neighbours for their recommendations
  • Ask your veterinary surgeon
  • Yellow pages – but don’t just choose the nearest, look around!
  • Local newspapers & cat magazines

How to choose a good cattery

You have to visit catteries to really get a feel for the right one for you & your cat.

  • Make an appointment, don’t just turn up and disrupt meal & cleaning times!
  • Ask to look around. If they say ‘no’ – don’t board your cat there.

Health & Safety Checklist:

Is the garden & cattery clean & tidy?
Are the surfaces smooth & safe, with no protruding edges?
There should be no smell
Do the buildings look maintained & cared for?
Is there a security (anti-escape) corridor in front of the runs?
There shouldn’t be a communal area (to avoid disease)
Is there a covered exercise run, light, insulation, heat & a sneeze barrier & ventilation (solid partition to avoid spread of disease) available individually for each unit?
You shouldn’t be allowed to touch the cats or enter an occupied run
Are litter trays clean & water bowls full & is there a separate kitchen?
Did they make you feel welcome & at ease? Could you see the local authority license on display?

Environment & Stress Checklist:

Do the cats look content?
Is there a shelf or shelves for them to sleep/play/look out from?
Is there a scratching post taller than the cats? (so they won’t have to stoop)
There shouldn’t be much noise
Are there toys to play with?
Is there a view to keep them occupied?
Is there a record kept of each cats diet & needs? How is this checked upon?
Does every cat have access to daylight & fresh air?
Do they ask lots of questions about your cat?
(e.g.: name, age, sex, breed, neutered, vaccinated, markings, diet, how many feeds per day, likes & dislikes, coat length, grooming, medical history, medication, your vet’s details, contact whilst you are away)
Do they allow your cat’s own bedding & favourite toys? A jumper you have worn recently? Familiar smells help the cat to settle more easily & is far less stressful

Remember :-

  • book well in advance as good catteries get booked up quickly.
  • you must take your cats vaccination records with you or you will not be able to board your cat

Setting up a Cattery

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Setting up a Cattery: In today’s discerning market we need to provide high quality, hygienic, low maintenance facilities.

This is not only because of customer demands, but also to comply with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Model Licence Regulations (see our CIEH page) and the proposed Animal Welfare Bill.

To this end, we recommend that our boarding catteries are installed as small and exclusive developments (ideally 10 to 35 double size pens) and are focused towards the more discerning cat ownerwho is prepared to pay a premium for quality services.

As a guide, two of our recent installations have opened at £10 and £16 per cat, per day

This strategy is important when setting up a cattery in order to market and establish your business correctly.

Serious direct competition is unlikely to exist, although there is certain to be a boarding cattery within your local area which is likely to be of a much lower standard.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you set up your cattery. Join the 100’s of other successful Pedigree Pens Ltd. customers

About Pedigree Pens | FAQs

Choosing the Right Cattery


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(Chartered Institute of Environmental Health)

Pedigree Pens (FirmFix) were one of the original sponsors of the CIEH Model Licence Committee.

This committee decided that all boarding accommodation must be constructed to meet minimum standards.
They produced guidelines which every UK local authority & their local boarding establishments should adhere to.
You can download a copy of the guidelines online.

Our materials – Safety & Hygiene :

Consequently, all our materials are impervious, thus minimising the risk of the spread of feline diseases.

Materials used include:

  • PVCu framework
  • insulated high gloss panelling
  • safety glass
  • multi-wall heat reflective polycarbonate roofing
  • rigid 1″ square galvanised steel mesh for extra strength & security

The use of these materials eliminates the need for regular treatment. The pens cannot rot, are easy to wipe clean & are very secure. View our Materials Comparison page for further information.

Perhaps the most important feature of PVCu is that it is self-extinguishing should it be exposed to fire.

Read our FAQs (frequently asked questions) to learn about our prices, delivery, installation, materials, safety & hygiene.

We have been awarded the
ISO BS EN 9001
British Quality Standard Accreditation

Timber Catteries

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There may always be a demand for timber catteries, mainly due to price considerations.

However, we believe timber is a false economy, as timber is comparatively short-lived and requires regular, expensive & time consuming maintenance, which may involve the use of toxic treatments.

PVCu is non-toxic & requires no maintenance to protect against weather conditions.

PVCu is impervious to known diseases and will help in the fight against the spread of feline infections.

It is for these reasons that we choose to manufacture catteries using PVCu – in the interest of cat welfare.

(Timber catteries infected with ringworm requires drastic action – i.e. the infected housing unit must be totally destroyed by burning).

To this end, we sponsored the CIEH (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health) to produce a guide for safe, practical & comfortable feline accommodation. This is the standard that your local authority will be measuring your cattery against.

Additionally, some local Environmental Health Departments have introduced a policy of banning the use of exposed timber in any part of a boarding cattery – they realise that we must tackle the spread of feline diseases as a matter of priority. Examples:

  • North Warwickshire Borough Council Animal Boarding Establishments Act which in Condition 5 states: “Exposed wood will not be permitted even if regularly decorated.”
    A representative from their Regulatory Division made this statement in September 2005:“The main reason we have this condition is that we feel that wood, even if regularly decorated, can not be properly cleaned and disinfected and is one way of cross infection between animals.”
  • St Albans City & District Council Licence Conditions which in Condition 6 states: “The use of wood must be avoided on surface structures of accommodation and exercise area interiors of existing accommodation and must not be used for repairs or new accommodation.”
  • Yet another example from a veterinary surgeon who is the licensing officer responsible for five local authorities made this statement in June 2008: “My recommendation is that wood is to be avoided in the construction of boarding catteries. Not only because of disease spreading between the cats, but also on Zoonotic grounds (diseases communicable to humans, for example ringworm and E.coli)”