How to Find and Choose a Good Boarding Cattery

Telscombe Cattery, East Sussex

No-one likes to leave their cat, but sometimes this can’t be helped.

Print off & use our checklist to help you find the ideal cattery & you can rest, knowing that your cat will be safe & in good hands.

Click the link below to print off our checklist or “right-click” and the hit “Save target as…” to download

Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

A good cattery owner/staff will perfectly understand your concerns & should be happy to answer all your questions to your satisfaction.

How to find a good cattery

  • View boarding catteries with¬†Pedigree Pens facilities
  • Ask friends, colleagues & neighbours for their recommendations
  • Ask your veterinary surgeon
  • Yellow pages¬†– but don’t just choose the nearest, look around!
  • Local newspapers & cat magazines

How to choose a good cattery

You have to visit catteries to really get a feel for the right one for you & your cat.

  • Make an appointment, don’t just turn up and disrupt meal & cleaning times!
  • Ask to look around. If they say ‘no’ – don’t board your cat there.

Health & Safety Checklist:

Is the garden & cattery clean & tidy?
Are the surfaces smooth & safe, with no protruding edges?
There should be no smell
Do the buildings look maintained & cared for?
Is there a security (anti-escape) corridor in front of the runs?
There shouldn’t be a communal area (to avoid disease)
Is there a covered exercise run, light, insulation, heat & a sneeze barrier & ventilation (solid partition to avoid spread of disease) available individually for each unit?
You shouldn’t be allowed to touch the cats or enter an occupied run
Are litter trays clean & water bowls full & is there a separate kitchen?
Did they make you feel welcome & at ease? Could you see the local authority license on display?

Environment & Stress Checklist:

Do the cats look content?
Is there a shelf or shelves for them to sleep/play/look out from?
Is there a scratching post taller than the cats? (so they won’t have to stoop)
There shouldn’t be much noise
Are there toys to play with?
Is there a view to keep them occupied?
Is there a record kept of each cats diet & needs? How is this checked upon?
Does every cat have access to daylight & fresh air?
Do they ask lots of questions about your cat?
(e.g.: name, age, sex, breed, neutered, vaccinated, markings, diet, how many feeds per day, likes & dislikes, coat length, grooming, medical history, medication, your vet’s details, contact whilst you are away)
Do they allow your cat’s own bedding & favourite toys? A jumper you have worn recently? Familiar smells help the cat to settle more easily & is far less stressful

Remember :-

  • book well in advance as good catteries get booked up quickly.
  • you must take your cats vaccination records with you or you will not be able to board your cat