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PVC, PVCu, uPVC: What’s The Difference?

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Is There Any Difference to PVC, PVCu and uPVC?

Technically, uPVC and PVCu are the same.

PVC is short for Polyvinyl Chloride. Its a plastic we are all used to seeing used for shoes and bags for example.

PVCu or uPVC is an unplasticised version which, with a few additives, makes it strong and durable and suitable for making frames for cat pens and kennels.

In the 1980’s, it was common to call it uPVC. To make it fit with the European market, the u was placed at the end, and became PVCu. Today you will also see PVC-U to add to the mix!

PVCu makes the perfect choice for cat pens: it’s adaptable to any design, easy to install and will last for a lifetime. Best of all, its naturally more hygienic than any other material (like wood) and a doddle to keep clean.

Many commercial catteries have opted for PVCu cat pens; see a list of our installations here.

Lulus Cattery, Essex

We Make PVCu Cat Pens & Kennels

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Pedigree Pens is the UK’s premier and original manufacturer and installer of PVCu cat pens and kennels. We pioneered the use of PVCu in cat pen design and have been the first choice for over 200 clients nationwide. We have over 25 years specialist knowledge of PVCu cat pen construction and installation.

To talk to an expert in PVCu cat pens or kennels, call us today on 01684 299567

Telscombe Cattery, East Sussex

Why Choose Pedigree Pens?

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Pedigree Pens: The original PVCu cat pen

Pedigree Pens revolutionised the cattery industry 25 years ago with the introduction of PVC constructed animal housing. Since the early nineties, Pedigree Pens has been the preferred choice for commercial boarding, rescue, charity and private cat pens. Pedigree Pens have installed over 200 pens nationwide for some of the UK’s best love animal charities, including the RSPCA, Cat’s Protection, Blue Cross, Wood Green Animal Shelter, Mayhew Animal Home and many more.

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More Information:

Why Choose A PVCu Cat Pen?

What is PVC, uPVC and PVCu?

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Why are PVCu cat pens better?

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PVCu: The best material for modern animal housing.

Pedigree Pens pioneered the use of PVC for cat pens and other types of animal housing (read about the difference between PVC uPVC and PVCu). Up until then, the choice for cattery builds consisted of timber frames, masonry or metal cages. If you’re not sure of the benefits of PVCu cat pens over timber, masonry or metal, then feel free to call us on 01684 299567 and we will be happy to talk you through the pros and cons. In the meantime, here’s a short run down of the pros and cons of construction materials:


One of the biggest advantages of PVC over another materials is the increased hygiene and ease of cleaning. Timber and masonry constructions can be very awkward and time consuming to keep clean and hygienic; PVC on the other hand takes just a quick wipe over the surfaces with any standard cleaning product.

Read more about How To Keep Your Cat Pen Hygienic

Thermal Efficiency

PVC cat pens are manufactured from the same thermally efficient materials as modern windows, doors and conservatories. Pedigree Pens keep animals warm in the winter and cool in the summer, ensuring standards of animal welfare are a priority. Each pen is thermally insulated to keep the warm in and the cold out, and enhanced by our optional thermostatically controlled heaters. The white frames reflect heat and direct sunlight in the warmer months to keep the cat pens comfortable all-year-round.


PVCu maintains its strength, shape and durability for many years, unlike timber which is prone to warping, weathering and degradation. Cheap wood products end up costing many more times the cost of PVCu in repairs and replacements over the years, whereas a Pedigree Pen will last a lifetime.


Because Pedigree Pens manufacture cat pens using the latest computer aided design technology, our pens can be tailored to your exact dimensions and specifications. Every piece of the PVC construction is built to a strict ‘machine’ tolerance to match your design to the millimetre. This takes the guess work out of the installation and ensures you have the right pen to fit your space.


Pedigree Pens are quick to install and can be erected in a matter of hours. You can buy the pen as a flat-packed kit, or opt to have our installation team do the job for you. You can even dismantle and re-site the pens should you decide on a different location at a later date.



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(Chartered Institute of Environmental Health)

Pedigree Pens (FirmFix) were one of the original sponsors of the CIEH Model Licence Committee.

This committee decided that all boarding accommodation must be constructed to meet minimum standards.
They produced guidelines which every UK local authority & their local boarding establishments should adhere to.
You can download a copy of the guidelines online.

Our materials – Safety & Hygiene :

Consequently, all our materials are impervious, thus minimising the risk of the spread of feline diseases.

Materials used include:

  • PVCu framework
  • insulated high gloss panelling
  • safety glass
  • multi-wall heat reflective polycarbonate roofing
  • rigid 1″ square galvanised steel mesh for extra strength & security

The use of these materials eliminates the need for regular treatment. The pens cannot rot, are easy to wipe clean & are very secure. View our Materials Comparison page for further information.

Perhaps the most important feature of PVCu is that it is self-extinguishing should it be exposed to fire.

Read our FAQs (frequently asked questions) to learn about our prices, delivery, installation, materials, safety & hygiene.

We have been awarded the
ISO BS EN 9001
British Quality Standard Accreditation