PVC, PVCu, uPVC: What’s The Difference?

Chelmsford Cats Protection

Is There Any Difference to PVC, PVCu and uPVC?

Technically, uPVC and PVCu are the same.

PVC is short forĀ Polyvinyl Chloride. Its a plastic we are all used to seeing used for shoes and bags for example.

PVCu or uPVC is an unplasticised version which, with a few additives, makes it strong and durable and suitable for making frames for cat pens and kennels.

In the 1980’s, it was common to call it uPVC. To make it fit with the European market, the u was placed at the end, and became PVCu. Today you will also see PVC-U to add to the mix!

PVCu makes the perfect choice for cat pens: it’s adaptable to any design, easy to install and will last for a lifetime. Best of all, its naturally more hygienic than any other material (like wood) and a doddle to keep clean.

Many commercial catteries have opted for PVCu cat pens; see a list of our installations here.