Setting up a Cattery: In today’s discerning market we need to provide high quality, hygienic, low maintenance facilities.

This is not only because of customer demands, but also to comply with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Model Licence Regulations (see our CIEH page) and the proposed Animal Welfare Bill.

To this end, we recommend that our boarding catteries are installed as small and exclusive developments (ideally 10 to 35 double size pens) and are focused towards the more discerning cat ownerwho is prepared to pay a premium for quality services.

As a guide, two of our recent installations have opened at £10 and £16 per cat, per day

This strategy is important when setting up a cattery in order to market and establish your business correctly.

Serious direct competition is unlikely to exist, although there is certain to be a boarding cattery within your local area which is likely to be of a much lower standard.

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