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Office & Garden Room

Office and Garden Studios

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Pedigree Pens Ltd. now offer a range of Office and Garden Studios. Whether you require an office or reception area or simply want a garden room, we have a range of buildings and colour options to suit.

As featured in the Garden Room Guide:

Office and Garden Room

Our buildings are available to the general public as stand-alone rooms or make the perfect addition for cattery or kennel owners.

Office & Garden Room

Our Office and Garden buildings do not usually require planning permission (although you should always check with your local planning department) and can be easily fixed to a concrete base. Why not let our experienced team install the room for you.



About our Rooms….

Constructed to the same exacting standards as our catteries, the rooms are built using the finest of materials:

* 70mm PVCu framework

* Heat Reflective Athermic 16mm Polycarbonate Roofing.

* Fully Insulated Walls Containing 28mm Panel.

* Fully Insulated Ceiling Containing 28mm Panel with Cavity Above.

* x 2 Leaded Top Opening Windows Containing Double Glazed Toughened Safety Glass.

* Multi-point Locking Entrance Door Containing 28mm Panel with Leaded Double Glazed Unit to Top.


We have a range of finishes available upon request:

* A Choice of 5 Different Colour Options for the Panels (please note: the PVCu Framework remains white).

Colour Swatch Office Room






* A Choice of 2 Woodgrain-on-White Finishes to the Panel and PVCu Framework. Choose from either Mahogany on White or Light-Oak on White.





For more information and prices on our finishes, please Contact Us

Sizes and Prices…

Our standard rooms are available in 3 sizes but we can manufacture to bespoke sizes if required:

Sizes and Prices for Office Room in White

Depth Width Price
2M (6ft 6in)* 3M (9ft 10in)* £5,890 + delivery, installation and VAT
2M (6ft 6in)* 4M (13ft 1in)* £6,750 + delivery, installation and VAT
2M (6ft 6in)* 5M (16ft 4in)* £7,610 + delivery, installation and VAT

* Measurements in ft and in are approximate.

Please Contact Us for prices of our colour panels and woodgrain frame and panel options

Delivery and installation is typically c. 13% of the cost but may vary depending upon your location.

A level concrete base should be provided prior to installation. The base should stand c. 75mm (3 inches) into the ground and 75mm (3 inches) above and have a damp proof membrane.

For more information please Contact Us

Design and Planning Service

Do You Need Planning For Your Cattery ?

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Pedigree Pens Ltd. are not only cattery manufacturers but also offer a ‘made to measure’ design service to meet your exact requirements. We offer A4 or A3 plan drawings to scale and also offer elevations and 3D images. The cost of our plans include a Plan View, Four Elevations and a 3D Representation of your plans. The cost also includes consultation with our designer and a copy of the final plans in Adobe PDF format. A hard copy is available upon request.

Our Plans are Ideal For:

  • Submitting to planning
  • Visualising your plans
  • Realising what will work best for you
For more info click here

To purchase our plans please get in touch with us via our Contact us page or alternatively tel: (01684) 299567

Telscombe Cattery, East Sussex

How to Find and Choose a Good Boarding Cattery

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No-one likes to leave their cat, but sometimes this can’t be helped.

Print off & use our checklist to help you find the ideal cattery & you can rest, knowing that your cat will be safe & in good hands.

Click the link below to print off our checklist or “right-click” and the hit “Save target as…” to download

Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

A good cattery owner/staff will perfectly understand your concerns & should be happy to answer all your questions to your satisfaction.

How to find a good cattery

  • View boarding catteries with Pedigree Pens facilities
  • Ask friends, colleagues & neighbours for their recommendations
  • Ask your veterinary surgeon
  • Yellow pages – but don’t just choose the nearest, look around!
  • Local newspapers & cat magazines

How to choose a good cattery

You have to visit catteries to really get a feel for the right one for you & your cat.

  • Make an appointment, don’t just turn up and disrupt meal & cleaning times!
  • Ask to look around. If they say ‘no’ – don’t board your cat there.

Health & Safety Checklist:

Is the garden & cattery clean & tidy?
Are the surfaces smooth & safe, with no protruding edges?
There should be no smell
Do the buildings look maintained & cared for?
Is there a security (anti-escape) corridor in front of the runs?
There shouldn’t be a communal area (to avoid disease)
Is there a covered exercise run, light, insulation, heat & a sneeze barrier & ventilation (solid partition to avoid spread of disease) available individually for each unit?
You shouldn’t be allowed to touch the cats or enter an occupied run
Are litter trays clean & water bowls full & is there a separate kitchen?
Did they make you feel welcome & at ease? Could you see the local authority license on display?

Environment & Stress Checklist:

Do the cats look content?
Is there a shelf or shelves for them to sleep/play/look out from?
Is there a scratching post taller than the cats? (so they won’t have to stoop)
There shouldn’t be much noise
Are there toys to play with?
Is there a view to keep them occupied?
Is there a record kept of each cats diet & needs? How is this checked upon?
Does every cat have access to daylight & fresh air?
Do they ask lots of questions about your cat?
(e.g.: name, age, sex, breed, neutered, vaccinated, markings, diet, how many feeds per day, likes & dislikes, coat length, grooming, medical history, medication, your vet’s details, contact whilst you are away)
Do they allow your cat’s own bedding & favourite toys? A jumper you have worn recently? Familiar smells help the cat to settle more easily & is far less stressful

Remember :-

  • book well in advance as good catteries get booked up quickly.
  • you must take your cats vaccination records with you or you will not be able to board your cat

Setting up a Cattery

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Setting up a Cattery: In today’s discerning market we need to provide high quality, hygienic, low maintenance facilities.

This is not only because of customer demands, but also to comply with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Model Licence Regulations (see our CIEH page) and the proposed Animal Welfare Bill.

To this end, we recommend that our boarding catteries are installed as small and exclusive developments (ideally 10 to 35 double size pens) and are focused towards the more discerning cat ownerwho is prepared to pay a premium for quality services.

As a guide, two of our recent installations have opened at £10 and £16 per cat, per day

This strategy is important when setting up a cattery in order to market and establish your business correctly.

Serious direct competition is unlikely to exist, although there is certain to be a boarding cattery within your local area which is likely to be of a much lower standard.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you set up your cattery. Join the 100’s of other successful Pedigree Pens Ltd. customers

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