Find a Good Local Cattery…

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Find a Good Local Cattery

Finding a good local cattery can be quite a headache for a lot of cat owners and deciding where to board your cat whilst you go away on holiday can be a difficult decision. Many owners don’t like the thought of leaving their furry loved ones with someone they don’t know and in a strange environment. In fact, we have heard stories of many cat owners that choose to stay at home, rather than go away on holiday because they simply can’t find a suitable cattery for their cats.

How do You Find a Good Cattery ?

You will need to look around. Fortunately we can point you in the right direction and give you some pointers on what to look out for.

A good place to start is by searching online. You are obviously wanting to find a quality cattery as you have found and have begun reading our article. Do a search in Google and view the websites of catteries. Most high quality catteries will include lots of photos of the accommodation as they will want prospective customers to see how wonderful their facilities are. Be wary of those that do not include photos or give much information about their facilities (they may have something to hide!).

Did you Know ?

You can search for a high quality local cattery by searching our website. We Pedigree Pens have been manufacturing high quality boarding catteries for over 20 years and now have over 200 installations throughout the UK, Ireland and France. You can do a simple search via our easy-to-use Map Page:


Visit the Cattery

Is the cattery family run ? Do they include reviews of their cattery ? i.e. what do others think about their cattery. Give them a call and speak to them. And then arrange a visit !

When you visit the cattery make sure you are prepared….Read our article on Finding a Good Boarding Cattery and download our checklist to help you decide if the cattery you have found is suitable. Click on the link below:

Why Choose a Cattery with Pedigree Pens Units Installed ?

We solely manufacture catteries and kennels and use the highest quality of materials. Please read our articles on Timber vs PVCu catteries and view our materials comparison below:

We invest in the highest quality of materials and construction standards and for these reasons our customers invest in us. You can therefore be assured that by searching for a Pedigree Pens cattery you will be searching some of the highest quality catteries within the UK.

We hope this article has been of help and if we are able to help with your search in any way please like the article, below and get in touch with us or any of our customers via our website.

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