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Starting a Cattery

Starting a Cattery – The Step by Step Guide

All you need to know about starting a cattery in a concise, step-by-step guide.

Our informative guide, which is available to download now for just £5, is broken into 4 easy steps for you to follow throughout your journey to starting your cattery business.

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Pedigree Pens Ltd. have been manufacturing uPVC catteries since 1992 and have helped 100’s of cattery owners start successful cattery businesses.

Starting a cattery business can seem quite daunting, as it represents a change in life direction for many people and there is a lot to think about and organise.

However, if you break the process into steps it will seem less daunting and more manageable. This guide will help you approach starting a cattery in a clear and systematic way.

Four Steps

Step 1: Assessing viability of your cattery project

Assessing the Likely-hood of you Obtaining Planning Permission
What Size of Cattery to Operate
Potential income
Cattery Construction
Styles of Cattery
Size of Pens

Step 2: The costs involved and financing your cattery

Costs Involved
How to Finance your Cattery

Step 3: Planning Permission

Plans of your Proposed cattery
Where to Obtain Plans
Planning Application Forms
Important Considerations for Planning
Other Considerations

Step 4: Planning and beyond 

Licensing your cattery
Other Preparations
Adding value to your cattery
Advertising and Marketing
Potential Customers
Offline Advertising
Online Advertising