Cats Protection Carmarthenshire

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85 Brynymor Rd

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  • 1 Walk-in Foster Pen
  • Designed to Cats Protection Requirements

We had an emergency on ours hands, where we had a very young mother cat who had given birth to 3 kittens, two of which sadly died, no proper home. But because our pen was ready we were able to take them in and save them.

Thank you Pedigree Pens !!

Cats Protection Carmarthenshire

We are so pleased we came to you - you were excellent in helping us get the pen we wanted, hygiene is of paramount importance to us, and being able to have UPVC at a price we could afford was perfect.

Cats Protection Carmarthenshire

Our pen was delivered as soon as it was required and installed by friendly fitters.

Cats Protection Carmarthenshire

Cats Protection Carmarthenshire 

This branch was started in 2012 as a result of the national organisation calling for interested parties to volunteer for various roles within a brand new branch.

Currently, we are a small but growing team of volunteers who have a great teamworking spirit and encourage a hands on approach from all of our volunteers.

The branch doesn’t have a centre (the nearest is CP Bridgend Adoption Centre), so we have to rely on foster homes to take cats in until they can be rehomed – if you are interested in fostering, please get in touch.

Cats Protection Carmarthenshire – How We Can Help

The extent of the problem is that there are so many unwanted cats and litters of kittens, rescue centres are becoming overwhelmed and over-housed and having to resort to waiting lists – there is a big job ahead of us and one of our main messages is, please neuter.  Cats Protection can help by providing neutering vouchers (please refer to the national number 03000 12 12 12 until we will soon be accruing a neutering budget).  The charity aims to help with homing cats as well as number of other issues such as trapping, neutering and returning feral cats.

We also help with raising awareness and can offer talks in the community.

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