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Rehoming Centre

Ron approached us as the rescue centre needed to udpate their current rehoming facilities. We designed the pens to their exact requirements and provided a comprehensive self-build kit so that Ron could construct the building himself.

Self build

Bespoke Design

10 Pens


Apr 2017

Chats Du Quercy

About Chats Du Quercy

Chats Du Quercy rescue centre aims to provide quality, short-term housing in a safe, disease-free and stimulating environment. It is well documented that the long term enclosure of cats can have far-reaching implications on their health and welfare.

Chats du Quercy will provide its feline guests with qualified veterinary treatment, quality food and a high standard of care. Regular human contact will be given to further reduce the psychological effects of being in an enclosed environment.

The rescue centre is registered with the UK DEFRA equivalent – Direction Départementale Services Vétérinaires (DDSV) at the local prefecture under the number 82096 – ACD. It complies with all known legislation and is subject to inspection by the DDSV.

Everyone has been very impressed with the quality and accuracy of the installation.

We are delighted with the end result and the instant reaction of most is WOW!
Thanks so much for your patience and advice!

Ron and Lynn StoneOwners, Chats Du Quercy

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