Crescent Cat Rescue

Pedigree Pens have provided x 3 installations of 13 rescue pens and an office for the Crescent Cat Rescue in Essex.

They are a local independent charity, based in the Tendring area of Essex, with no connections to other charities, national or otherwise, and depend on their fundraisers to enable them to carry on with the work, at the highest standard possible.

If cats come in together, they try to keep them in one unit, and likewise, when they come in on their own, they give them their own space. Cats and kittens are not put to sleep unless on the advice of the vet, and they try to make sure that they all have the best of attention, from the “carers” and if neccessary attention from the vets.

They dont have visiting times, as appointments are needed to make sure the right people are at the cattery to help.

Crescent Cat Rescue
57 High Street
Walton on the Naze
CO14 8BD

Tel: (01255) 861309