Wood Green
The Snowden Cat Care Centre

Rescue Pens

Pedigree Pens provided 60 rescue pens for the Wood Green Animal Charity. The facility comprises of 6 main cattery buildings with 10 of our pens installed within each building. We worked closely with the contractor & architect to provide a state-of-the-art, modern facility.


Bespoke Design

60 Pens


Nov 2021

Wood Green - The Animal Charity

Having worked with Wood Green numerous times over the past 15 years (at their Heydon and London sites)  it was a pleasure to be given the opportunity of working with them again. After a formal tender process we were awarded the contract (via Lindum Projects) to provide the internal pens for the new Snowden Cat Care Centre.

We provided 10 pens for each of the 6 buildings, giving Wood Green a total of 60 state-of-the-art rescue pens. We were able to help throughout the initial design phase, working closely with the architect and contractor to provide a unique, bespoke design to Wood Green’s exacting requirements.

The new centre’s main features

  • Larger, more adaptable units – complete with connecting doors to give more space to cats that need it.
  • Climate control – giving us the ability to control the temperature of each block according to the cats’ needs and ensure all year-round comfort.
  • Solid walls – offering cats extra privacy, peace and quiet, which is especially helpful for nervous felines.

Cats are coming to Wood Green with more complex needs, so it’s vital that we invested in our facilities to give every cat the best possible care.

The new Snowden Cat Care Centre transforms the care we can provide for homeless cats, whilst increasing on-site capacity by 50%. It marks a big step towards turning our Godmanchester site into a ‘Centre of Excellence’.

Wood Green - The Animal ChairtyThe Snowden Cat Centre

The Snowden Cat Care Centre...

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