Blue Cross Rehoming Centre

Rescue Pens

Pedigree Pens provided a large state-of-the-art rescue and rehoming facility for The Blue Cross. We provided 7 buildings consisting of 31 pens in total, comprising of rescue, rehoming, maternity, kitten pens and staffing rooms. The facility formed part of the redevelopment of their flagship site.


Bespoke Design

31 Pens & 6 Rooms


Jul 2021

Blue Cross Rehoming Centre

The Blue Cross Hertfordshire rehoming centre reopened in 2021.

The site originally opened in the 1940s and has facilities for dogs, cats, and small pets. Their new facilities include 20 kennels, 5 puppy pens and 31 cat pens provided by us (Pedigree Pens), which include a mother and kitten unit as well as 6 staffing rooms.

They also have indoor rabbit space and rooms for small pets.

If you are looking for a pet please read about their rehoming process and view their pets looking for new homes. If you need to find a new home for a pet you own, please call 0300 777 1490.

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Blue Cross



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    Blue Cross Rehoming Centre
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