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Cat Pens – FAQs

How Do I Buy Cat Pens?

  • You can use our Contact form to buy pens & we will phone you regarding delivery & payment.
  • You can telephone us on 01684 299567
  • We also offer a tailor made service
    (This means that we are able to make most shapes & sizes of cat pens to suit your needs. All you need to do is simply draw your design as clearly as possible, post it to us and we will be pleased to give you free advice & a price quotation)

How Much Do They Cost?

Cattery Pens start from £3,390 +VAT per pen. Visit the Pen Range page to see the different models we offer. Each Pen style has a price calculator on its product page.

What Materials Do You Use?

We have chosen to use PVCu as our prime material for reasons of hygiene, practicality, weather resistance, ease of cleaning & for it’ fire retardant properties.

Our materials are completely compliant with the DEFRA minimum and higher standard guidelines, which relate to animal welfare standards, hygiene & construction materials.

Sneeze barriers: All sneeze barriers are solid and impermeable. Depending on the cattery style, the dividing walls will be a mixture of solid panel and toughened glass.

Meshed Areas: We use our proprietary PawSafe™ Mesh in all areas that require ventilation. PawSafe™ Mesh is specially manufactured for use in our animal housing. It has a robust galvanised finish and smooth welds to ensure there are no sharp edges.

Insulation: All sleeping quarter walls are fully insulated (including ceilings).

Security: Entry is via a multipoint key locking door, with a thumb turn on the inside.

Fire resistance: PVCu is self-extinguishing. All glass, mesh and insulated panel is contained within the PVCu framework.

Hygiene: PVCu is impervious, rot proof, wipe-clean and virtually maintenance free. Unlike wood, PVCu does not harbour germs or fungal spores.

Woodgrain Finish: At an extra cost we can offer our complete range of woodgrain finish.

Can I Assemble Them Myself?

We can provide a full delivery and installation service, or provide the pens as a self-build kit. Instructions and phone support are included for every self-build project.

Do I Need A Concrete Base?

We recommend our buildings are installed on a concrete slab, at least 100m thick. This will provide a solid foundation for the cattery. If providing a concrete base is not possible for any reason, then call us to discuss other options.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

If you are buying pens for your own use, then you may not need planning permission if the installation complies with permitted development. For any commercial purposes (boarding cattery, animal rescue etc.) then you will need planning permission. If you are in a green belt area or area of outstanding natural beauty, you will need planning permission regardless of the purpose of the building. Feel free to call us on 01684 299567 to discuss your project.

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